15 Best Dog Breeds for Hiking Buddies

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Portuguese Water Dog

If you’re going to be hiking anywhere near water, whether it’s a mountain lake, babbling brook, or a rushing river, take your Portuguese Water Dog. He loves the water, and he’s great on the rest of your hike as well.

Portuguese Water Dog

By: Raymond Brow

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  • Grommit

    Sorry but if your dog is more than 40 pounds, that is NOT a hiking dog. Miniature schnauzers are probably the most ideal size of a dog. Just barely big enough to carry a backpack, absolutely strong enough to make it to the top of a mountain, but small and compact enough still that you can carry them out if they get injured in any way. I am so sick and tired of having to read about cases where someone had to leave their large dog behind on the mountain to die alone because it got it’s paws cut up or some other issue arose and they weren’t willing or capable of carrying a 60 pound dog down off of the mountain with them. Think of it as no different as bringing your 3 year old child with you. If you aren’t absolutely willing to carry them the whole way when they can no longer move themselves, then you shouldn’t have brought them in the first place. This is happening hundreds of times every year and these people should be criminally liable for what they do.